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Game and Nature Reserves

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Amboró National Park in central Bolivia is a nature reserve with over 912 species of birds, over 177 mammalian species including puma, ocelot, and the rare spectacled bear.

Kaa-Iya del Gran Chaco National Park and Integrated Management Natural Area is the biggest national park in Bolivia and one of the largest in South America. It is a protected area in the region of the Gran Chaco and has a larger surface area than Belgium.

Santa Cruz Zoo is Located on the “3rd Ring” just 5 blocks West of Avenida Banzer it houses many tropical bird and reptile species including the blue paraba, scarlet macaw, and other exotic birds as well as tropical frogs, fish and snakes.

The Parque Lomas de Arena or Lomas de Arena Regional Park , is a protected area of Bolivia , located 12 kilometers southeast of the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra , is one of the most visited tourist spots in the region.